Best of the Best PhotosDouble EE Longhorn Cattle 

Come see our kennel ! Its clean and the dogs are great!!!
Our dogs enjoy beautiful walks in the woods with cool springs.
We love our swims in the pond on hot days.
Romping in the snow is always great fun!!
Well I guess every one would like to see the breeder of these Beautiful dogs! This is me with my oldest best friends Casey and Robin. I have been breeding Aussies for 20+ years now. Corgis for 9yrs now. I enjoy working with and training dogs. My father raised beagles when i was growing up. So I guess you could say i have been raising dogs all of my life! I hope every one enjoys our site and will consider getting a
West Virginia's Wonderful Aussie or Pembroke Welsh Corgi from us!!! Those that have the pleasure of having one....LOVE THEM, KEEP THEM SAFE AND ENJOY!!!
2018 was a super year and a very busy one at that! We had puppies every where lol. Some of the finest looking little ones you could ever have seen. All went to super nice families. Met some very sweet people and made new friends.  Some of my puppies brought tears of joy. I love when that happens... reminds me why I'm in this business. This is my job and i love it so much. I love bringing happiness and joy into peoples lives. What a better way than a loyal dog friend. One that will be by your side through thick and thin . They love you more than life itself. Dogs are awesome creatures and I'm so glad God put them on this earth to love.
We hope to have a successful year with some very nice looking puppies starting spring of 2019. If you are interested please contact me call or text 1-304-890-6678 

Sadly we no longer have casey and robin. They have now passed away. Two wonderful dogs who made me fall in love with the breed. Miss them so much! I dedicate this page to them. In memory of Casey and Robin. 
Love is always in the air here!
Just a lazy fall day