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This is how it works, People that put a $100 deposit down on litters coming, will come 1st to call when pups arrive. The $100 will go toward the price of the puppy. The deposit is refundable if we either don't get what you wanted, if something happens to the pups while in my care or if you are at the end of the list and we just didn't have enough pups. But after you pick out your puppy the deposit is no longer refundable unless something happens to it while in my care. In these cases i can either hold your deposit and put you at the top of the list for the next litter or send it back to you if you would rather not wait.
First come first serve basis on deposits will go by date received and sex and color.
They will be AKC registerd with full rights. Wormed on a regular basis with a vet wormer. Tails will be docked and dew claws removed. If you don't want that done the pup must be paid for in full and non refundable unless something happens to it in my care or you don't get what you wanted. 
Your puppy will also have a great healthy start for i start them out on NuVet. It will build your puppies immune system! Which helps protect it from a lot of harmful things puppies are exposed to.
please be prepared to keep your puppy healthy and have it on hand before you pick it up. Visit my NuVet page to order and learn more about this wonderful supplement!

Corgi Prices
$1800 for pups that will be DM carrier
which means they are just carrier not affected .
DM clear pups will be

What is DM? DM is a genetic disorder where corgis go down in their backs. All of our parents are tested for this! A Carrier just means they carry one copy of the gene but wont get it. You just should not breed to another carrier, that's how you get affected pups.

How do I send a deposit?
You can mail a check to:

Carrie Eisenman 
Rt 1 Box 148
Meadow Bridge WV  25976

I also have a paypal account

if you use this please use send money to friend's and family that way paypal will not charge you or me a  fee!

When you pick up your puppy i only accept CASH!!!!

click here to order your NuVet Now!
Deposit $100 Refundable until you pick out your puppy then no longer refundable.

Hello welcome ! Hoping everyone is well! 
 we have corgi puppies to sell now! 
If you want to get on the list for a litter coming its a refundable $100 deposit . Its refundable until you pick out a puppy then no longer refundable and goes toward the price. If you don't get a puppy from the first litter you can either get a refund or have it held for the next litter.
It is best to reach me by text at
you can also visit my personal facebook page under
 carrie withrow eisenman or join my group page on facebook, this group is all about the pups that came from me and the people that love them! It is called west virginia's wonderful aussies and corgis
Your Welcome to join!
I have now retired breeding Aussies after 25 years. I still love the breed and always will, for they were the start of everything for me.
I have and always will have wonderful memories with them.
Rylee and Maverick's baby blue collar male
Rylee and Maverick's Purple collar female
Rosie and Bentley Fuchsia collar female 
Rosie and Bentley Flower collar Female